between my travels this is my favourite spot at home. soon it will be all covered with snow and ice though 🥶 . . . .home autumn lake bythelake sweden swedish beautiful beautifuldestinations comeforavisit visitsweden travel wanderlust borntotravel betweentravels homesweethome bluesky sunnyday soonwinter lifestyle nature landscape loveofnature forest norrland myhome 5g phones swedishz

🗒️ priorities 🗒️⁠ have you ticked off these major priorities on your to-do list? i highly recommend booking your massage and emmett appointments in ahead if you can because i am starting to get booked up one - two weeks in advance.⁠ ⁠ book now:⁠ ⁠ > send a dm⁠ > book through facebook - visit elissa anne body therapy on facebook and click "book now" ⁠ > text or call 0424242522 (leave a voicemail)⁠ > book online at⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠massage massagemandurah mandurahmassage elissaanne bodytherapy goodmood happy smile swedish aromatherapy hotstone relaxation swedishmassage aromatherapymassage hotstonemassage relaxationmassage mobilemassage mandurah peel pinjarra ravenswood yunderup booknow selfcare wellness wellbeing mandurahwellnesscentre⁠ 5g phones swedishz

🇸🇪solen kommer efter regnet... 🇬🇧the sun comes after rain🌳🌳🌳🌦tree trees park walk september green verde grün grnt monday beautiful path beauty #🇸🇪naturelover arbol aisle rainy relax calming hst fall swedish 5g phones swedishz

super bowl xxxix tailgate party cheerleaders and game jacksonville florida afc vs. nfc picture by me 2005 @superbowlxxxix @super bowl @superbowl superbowl superbowlxxxix cheerleader cheerleaders jacksonville florida usa america swedish aweden idnhab awciam @ankanwildandcrazy 5g phones swedishz

some pics @lowlifeduramax snapped of me trying to rid the poor b230f cylinders of a bunch of water after going too fast through this river crossing once again and hydro locking the motor. we eventually got it running and proceeded to give it a hard shit pumping across the river bed. full youtube video out tommorow ! volvo beer merch link in bio follow for volvo soupdriftdriftingvolvoturbojdmstanceturbobmweurolowered2jzswedishcanadaswedenvolvo740e30m3racings13s14s15skylinecummins1stgencumminsturbodieselbigturbobobae86dodgeram6bt 5g phones swedishz

it's finally autumn, the best season of the year :d .pasteldawg ipadpro furry furryart furryartist csp clipstudiopaint sweden swedish 5g phones swedishz

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"hopefully, through all aspects of life, you learn from things you've got right, things you've got wrong, but i'm not one for looking back. i'm looking ahead; you've got to." gtavrp gtav rollplay swedish sweden twitch gtavroleplay fbrp 5g phones swedishz

our popular musical dream catcher is back in stock! let it protect your little one and soothe them to sleep. order now from our website (link in bio) and get free shipping/gift wrappingperfect kids children dubai gcc fancy love shopping dubaishopping babyessentials babyshop sweden swedish love arabmoms emirati dubaikids kidsindubai babies pretty dubsibaby dubaibabyshower babyshowergift interiordesign babyroom kidsroom kidsinterior dreamcatcher 5g phones swedishz

henry f miller upright piano... 600+ lbs with ebony wood black keys, and ivory clad white keys, 2 pedals, finder nail gouges and a big sound. this piano first played swedish hymns, and has been bilingual since about 1930. did i tell you that it was built in 1885 in boston, ma? albinlodge albinlodgepiano henryfmillerpiano wayzata wayzatamn minnetonka minnetonkamn minnesota swedish 5g phones swedishz

denna helg har varit spårad vi va på bounce med @lachocircus och @jorgeluis_cn och alexis sen på kvällen drog vi ut och dansade men då följde några andra med ut, självklart är var bästa lillasyster @mammatillmilla med på båda delarna :) bounce selfie galen loco blondie blondin svenska swedish sweden sverige love krlek jag beahedvind hundga gon brungrnaögon inspoforyou inspoforflickor 5g phones swedishz

these guys were heading to a party somewhere on the island of hisingen. they're waiting for the ferry on the stenpiren quay! playa stenpiren, downtown gothenburg, sweden 🇸🇪 . stenpiren playastenpiren sweden🇸🇪 gteborgsgator gothenburgbyday swedenmoments sweden_images ❤️ swedish 💕 swedishsummer #швеция🇸🇪 #Швеция vsttrafik vasttrafik publictransport streetsofsweden backpackerdiaries backpackerstory 3milorg. گاهی اصلا لازم نیست جای دوری بری بلکه همه اتفاقات همونجا میوفته که تو هستی اما باید کمی بچرخی یا چشماتو باز کنی که ببینیشون. اینها عازم جزیره هیسینگن در آنسوی آب بودند و فرصت مناسبی برای یه شات فوری و خوب برای من 😎 #سوئد🇸🇪 #سوئدی #سوئد #یوتبوری #گوتنبرگ_سوئد #گوتنبرگ #استریت_فتوگرافی #عکاسی_خیابانی📷 #عکاسی_خیابانی #عکاسی_شهری #خاطرات_یک_کوله_گرد #۳میلورگ 5g phones swedishz

good morning monday ❤️ börja veckan med +0.2 och vacker dimma💕 . . . .swedish sweden sverige ig_sweden ig_color ig_nature ig_scandinavia sky naturaleza loves_norrland nature natur naturinstagram smhivder naturephotography klartse loves_united_scandinavia mobilfoto mobilfotograf life what_i_saw_in_sweden ig_brilliant ig_europa vsterbotten skylovers 5g phones swedishz

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surströmming (infamously noxious fermented herring) makes the best viking preworkout for natural stone lifting. i had a great camping adventure with some close friends i'm blessed to have, and we finished it off with rancid fish, like everyone does right? wtf gainz ohgoditsinmybeard whywontmyhandsscrubclean rancid putrid swedish preworkout surstrmming yikes viking iceland sland strongman stunting lake sunburn vanillagorilla 5g phones swedishz

a swedish startup has invented a nozzle for taps that could dramatically cut household water use. it atomise water into a mist of millions of droplets, reducing the flow of water by 98 %. 'from an ordinary tap, with up to 10 to 12 litres of water run out every minute, yet only a small part of that touches your hands or rinses off the plate. the most important thing to us is to make a difference to the serious water situation in the world today', says developers kaj mickos and johan nihlén.mediaqueen themediaqueen media aldwynaltuney newsoftheday news goodnews thegoodnews goodnewssells goodnewsdaily worldnews breakingnews positivevibes positivevibesonly positivenews positivemind positivethoughts publicity instagood instadaily instaquotes consciousness follow followme repost swedish startup savewater water savewatersavelife 5g phones swedishz

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@volvocars just announced the 2020 polestarengineered edition of the xc60. volvo you’ve caught my eye and i can’t wait to drive one! it’s based on the t8 plug-in hybrid trim with a bump in power (415 hp). the turbocharged and supercharged motor gets 18 miles of pure electric range as well as “bespoke” suspension enhancements, brakes, and treatments to the interior and exterior. who will be 1st client to take delivery?? 👀 📸 @automobilemag volvo volvorcars volvousa xc60 volvoxc60 polestar suv limitededition bespoke t8 hybrid plugin pluginhybrid electriccar suv swedish turbo turbocharged supercharged newcar dreamcar luxury carshopping autobroker carbroker sandiego 5g phones swedishz

okra two ways grilled chicken dinner with steamed and fried okra and pilaf rice. served with a caprese salad. might not be the perfect mix of cuisines, i just wanted to serve some of our favorite vegetables from our garden.chefmats food foodporn gardenfresh cooking comfortfood delicious dinner cooking eating saucier pastry swedish american food foodpic delicious healthy hungry instagood tasty californialifestyle homecooking okra chicken 5g phones swedishz

'within without'- james turrell @nationalgalleryaus . recently i like to carry a backpack everywhere i go @gastonluga is a swedish born and design backpack for everyday use. check out with 'eclairpiya' for 15% off plus worldwide free shipping 🎒gastonluga anywherewithgl 5g phones swedishz

early warning on this one with the largest lightuponblight group yet. friday 10/25. lub will be: me - guitar, synth, piano / bob gorry - guitar / lys guillorn - lap steel guitar / benjamin hecht - bass / rob nelson - keyboards / vance provey - trumpet / peter riccio - drums halloween soundtrack livescore score livemusic experimentalmusic newhaven newhavenmusic silentfilm horror swedish fantasy livesoundtrack thephantomcarriage 5g phones swedishz

brigitte ~ my overwatch mains ~ . "låt proffsen sköta det här." . (translation from swedish: "leave this to the experts.") . © raikoart on deviantartoverwatch brigittelindholm swedish rally supportmain flexhealer brawlerengineer gameart 5g phones swedishz

5g phones swedishz

5g phones swedishz

att man känner sig så nöjd efter något så enkelt som en löptur, kanske för att det blev extra mycket i backen, kanske för att vägen hem kändes oerhört bra, kanske för att jag känner mig starkare i kroppen än vad jag någonsin gjort, vem vet.. motivated willpower weightlossjourney cardio asics runkeeper run jagspringer runner lpning irun active healthy lifestyle weightloss makeachange minresarknas swedish viking warrior spirit runnersworldswe takingcontrol hardestworkerintheroom mindset 5g phones swedishz

thank you for the glam today @shay_zeinali and @hairbyserli ❤️ 5g phones swedishz

swedish viking helmet. prototype for a set of illustrations based on the medieval worlddrawings doodlesofinstagram doodles sketchbook sketch medieval helmet dibujo ink inking swedish viking battle medievaleurope card myart artistsoninstagram pictureoftheday inspiration traditionalart 5g phones swedishz

ham & swiss and the best swedish coffee 🥐🧀🍖🥪☕️ • • • • • •goodeats florida westpalm westpalmbeach beach florida fl sunshine sunshinestate sun sunny warm coffee brunch lunch yum food foodies sunday funday sweden swedish foodie 5g phones swedishz

"herbalist" line is nourishing, enriched with organic linseed oil, birch water and an aromatic scent of fresh herbs and handpicked flowers. it's 100% vegan and cruelty free for animal, human and nature.⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀stockholmboutique ⠀ ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ ⠀stockholm_hk stockholm sweden swedish nordic scandinavian design fashion lifestyle hongkong contemporary classic essentials accessories gift luxury love pmqhk pmq styleinspo instastyle shoppingday fashionaddict ootd getthelook fall bjorkandberries handwash handcream 5g phones swedishz

odeon’s test area . . . . .procreate digitalart neon swedish testing experiment ipadpro sketch latenight snowfall snow winter 5g phones swedishz

g'm🌈 新旧xc90モデル展示車ございます! ご来店お待ちしております☺️🌟 .volvovolvocars#ボルボカー神戸newmodel#新型xc90d5debutcar#車#輸入車swedenswedish#スウェーデン#北欧#ショールーム 5g phones swedishz

همه دوست دارند که زود به نتیجه برسن، اما تنها، کسانی که بیشترین تلاش رو انجام میدن بهش میرسن.👌💓 .svenska sfi swedish #سوئدی #مکالمه_سوئدی 5g phones swedishz

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reposted from youtube. @richiephoenix teaching @katyperry some swedish words. katy: how do you say i like swedish boys. erika: you know i don't. me: i know you don't. that's why i like you ❤erikalinder swedish howdoyousay katyperry concert iloveyouerikalinder 5g phones swedishz

brunch o’clock 💁🏻‍♀️💝😎 onsonairyoutuberclassygirlfashionbeautyoutiecalifornialikefollowtunisianswedish 5g phones swedishz

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finally posting these: my costume for the celtic fantasy faire on august 24th in hillsboro. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ i was very inspired by my family ancestry in creating the elements of this look. the bodice is made of stewart tartan wool, and i borrowed the stewart crest pin from my mom. the blue thistles in the flower crown are also a nod to my dad's side of the family, as thistles are the stewart clan plant badge. i also wanted to pay homage to my mom's swedish background with the amber jewelry and flower crown.⁣ ⁣ ⁣ i was aiming for approximately the 15th-16th century, upper middle class, elevated with embellishments but still functional for daily work. the sleeves and skirt were envisioned as a fall option while they could be removed/swapped for warmer weather. (i knew it was going to be a mistake wearing wool and faux fur on an 85° day, but dang it, sometimes you have to suffer for your art!)⁣ ⁣ this is only my 2nd ever historical costume and i'm pretty proud of it, especially because it includes a lot of firsts for me: my first time using faux fur, first time trying to match a fabric stripe/pattern and first time hand-sewing eyelets (see pic 4). adding the trims was also new, and it was fun picking those out, as well as a challenge to get them looking nice. ⁣⁣ ⁣ this dress was roughly based on simplicity pattern 3723 view d, with some alterations to the bodice (front lacing instead of back zipper, separate stomacher piece, separate/detachable sleeves). i don't know if i'll ever be comfortable drafting my own patterns, but for now i'm happy with my pattern hacking.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ i have some elements that i ran out of time to add, including adding beading/embellishment to the fur, lining the bodice and making the belt/loops more finished, but i think i will come back to it for more finishings later (maybe for next summer's fairs).⁣ ⁣historicalcostuming costume celtic scottish clanstewart sewing patterns simplicity patternhacking fauxfur renfaire swedish scandinavian flowercrown handmade 5g phones swedishz

baby, be my bubblegum, i can be so troublesome — 🧸🦋 5g phones swedishz

"i didn't know anything about her. but something told me she was not like the rest. maybe it was her calmness and that she looked so peaceful that made me wondering about her. i passed her by time to time and she always looked at me with those big eyes with such depth only the ocean could match. but they also hide a wilderness, a fire so powerful i lost control over myself. asked around if anyone knew who she was but no one could tell me anything about her. one day she suddenly disappeared but still she remains a mystery for me." ________________________________________________ amazing photo taken by: jackmartinphotoart 🌿☀️🌹🍀✨🥀 ________________________________________________fitfam gymgirl love brunette travelling girls workout naturelover sunrise fitnessgirl inkedgirls naturephotography fitgirl swedish travelgram photography quote blonde me austria poems goodmorning norway newyork california losangeles gothenburg stockholm australia sunset 5g phones swedishz

today’s fika included svenska scones and mandelkaka med björnbär (blackberry almond cake) and of course @fikacoffee topped with oat milk froth. 5g phones swedishz

woke up early, made havreflarn med choklad, a traditional swedish fika treat in the oven, slow drip @fika coffee and enjoyed them by the fire on this chilly august sunday. slowing down, having a handmade breakfast, and chatting with my love. can’t every day be like this? 5g phones swedishz