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in a red dress code. bed and bath linen are assemble specially for the room. red is chosen for its strength and warmth. touches of color that highlight a customized style, which offers the junior suite olmassi a new atmosphere. . . . . . .bookyourroom contact eric info@darkawa.net darkawariad not-on-booking-com staywithus homeawayfromhome theartofslowliving slowlife riadlife simplicity lifestyle minimalism interiordesign @valeriebarkowski relax cozyroom visitmarrakech marrakechmedina marrakechlife morocco boutiqueriad medina travel riad riadmarrakech riadstyle inspiration riadlife red bedlinen marrakesh exploremarrakech. . photo by @cecile_zehnacker_photo 5g phones simplicityz

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zainspiruj się i działaj.⁠ działaj pięknie i w zgodzie ze sobą :)⁠ ⁠ 🍀🍀🍀⁠ be inspired and do it!⁠ do it beautifully.⁠ do it with your internal balance.⁠ ⁠ 🍀⁠loftyourlife schody schodynazamowienie porecz barierkanazamowienie projektowaniewnetrz meblenazamowienie architektura architekturawnetrz realizacje czestochowa schodynazamowienieczestochowa wnetrzaczestochowa domczestochowa schodyczestochowabeautiness simple simplicity minimalistic blackandwhite architektura 5g phones simplicityz

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i like weird people. the black sheep, the odd ducks, the rejects, the eccentrics, the loners, the lost and forgotten. more often than not, these people have the most beautiful souls. __ unknown ________________________________________restaurant art decoration artistic greece thessaloniki artlovers artstagram instaart painting frog artistsofinstagram design artoftheday minimal toptags minimalove minimalistic minimalism simplicity weird minimalove lamp instagood simple beautiful minimalismo minimalista woman happy 5g phones simplicityz

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just one piece to catch the attention... we are loving the mint meenakari choker on our muse @samiaadilofficial . visit our store to see the new exquisite jewelry collection ! sameerafaridi sameerafaridijewelry houstondesigner simplicity exclusive limitededition houston chicago fashion celebritystylist 5g phones simplicityz

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the possibilities of perspectives are endless when you see the world and try to capture it through a lens. a ride in an auto rickshaw is nothing special but this photo makes it very special for me. it shows the simplicity in mobility, it shows the speed when you don’t bother about the bells and whistles, it shows direct connect to the world around and displays how tech is moving in the right direction. . . .deep thought deepthoughts auto rickshaw night photography shotoniphone speed simplicity mobility rainy night instathought instaphoto random 5g phones simplicityz

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do one eco-swap consistently until it becomes a habit. then do something else. sustainability needs to be sustainable for you! if it’s too hard, you’ll never keep it up. 5g phones simplicityz

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Мы полагаем, что наличие в гардеробе свободного платья из благородного материала (летом это может быть лён или хлопок, а зимой конечно кашемир) даёт возможность выскочить из дома красивой в любой ситуации. Подхватите поясом, если хочется подчеркнуть талию. ➰➰➰➰➰➰➰➰➰➰➰➰ На фото платье dashaphi_п0102 в бежевом цвете. Состав: 100% кашемир. Также доступно в сером на dashaphi.ru (раздел Платья). Цена: 19800₽.dashaphi #платьенакаждыйдень simplicity style outfitoftheday 5g phones simplicityz

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be classy and fabulous, because you deserve it.✨ a pair of【black swan】 crafted in black velvet with germany imported acrylic bead, a sense of mystery and classy look is created. . product code: e-nr32 rm99 . handcrafted, detailed and elegance are the key elements adopted by janoka. 🍁 .janoka handcrafted simplicity elegant customised minimalistic fashionable designerlife japanesequality unique lightweightjewerly burdenfree finequality lifestyle earring handmadejewelry handmade 5g phones simplicityz

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repost @thetarotdonkey ・・・ my card for week 1 of 30dayswithmary walkingwithmaryace of roses i look forward to continuing to meditate on this card. the first thought that came to mind was, "back to the basics." simplify, prioritize, be present. in hettienne's guidebook, she connects the suit of roses to the rosary. i admit i know myself well enough to know i won't be able to participate in every aspect of this event. but this time around i'm not letting that keep me from participating at all. my intuitive reading of the ace of roses and hettienne's discussion of the rosary make me feel my focus can center on the rosary. prayer, presence, devotion. 🙏📿 beautiful grandmother figurine by @danceofthesoul.tarot . . 💗💗💗 the mysteries of mary tarot deck by hettienne grobler ©2016 @the_french_madonna .mysteriesofmary mysteriesofmarytarot themysteriesofmarytarot mary mothermary femininedivine rosary tarot tarotcommunity presence devotion mariandevotion prayer beherenow aceofpentacles simplicity 5g phones simplicityz

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remember when we used to love & play... return to simplicity, relinquish the day ☀️ ❤️ . . . . . let go to flow and find your way ☀️ be kind to yourself and just... go play 🤪🙏🐾 5g phones simplicityz

i love the absolute simplicity. when i'm climbing my mind is clear and free from confusions. i have focus. the light becomes sharper. the sounds are richer. and i am filled with the deep and powerful presence of life... hiking hike wandern purenature naturephotography naturpur travelphotography strength travel reisen summertime simplicity bulgaria focus #българия life mountain mountains mindset lifecoaching mountainclimbing coaching naturelovers nature natur view simplelife mindfulness achtsamkeit minimalism 5g phones simplicityz