need a colorful phonecase? modern tucson style? go to link in our profile here. you won’t see this one coming and going. 💯👍👏📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱instatech instastyle modernart saguaroart iphone android smartphone totallytucson shoptotallytucson downtowntucson visittucson tenwest 5g phones saguaroartz

weekend update: 🌵our weatherproof vinyl stickers are still currently $2 in our online shop, but will change to $3 when our new online shop launches. (use the code goodbuy2 for free shipping on orders over $5.) 🌸our current online shop will be closing on september 18th and our new shop will be opening on september 23rd. 🦋when we launch, you’ll be able to find new prints, cards, stickers and a few new surprise products in the shop. 5g phones saguaroartz

my middle name is rose. it was my great-grandma’s middle name too. this page came from an old book of opera songs and happened to have a song named “wild rose” ... so it seemed perfect for feminine (but a bit sassy) little saguaro. i think it’s me as a saguaro. _____________________acrylicpainting acrylicpaint acrylicabstracts yearofcreativehabits kimberlyscreativehabit art makingart makingartdaily genxartists genxartist artforsale abstractart tucsonartist arizonaartist artsaves artformentalhealth icreateartformevintagebooks artwithvintagebookpages creativelife creativeprocess painting painter worksonpaper smallworks lifeofanartist createeveryday oldbookrevivalists saguaroart desertart 5g phones saguaroartz

sticker + print bundle giveaway 🌵this is not a pair giveaway. there will be three individual winners. 🌸 we are paring down prints to make space for new ones in our brand new online shop. you voted in my ig stories to have a clearance section in the new shop... so we will! but first, i want to give some of these prints away to three of you! the prize: there will be 3 winners. each winner will get 2 random 8x10 prints, a random assortment of 3 stickers ea and some extra special surprises thrown in. da rules: 1. follow @annotatedaudrey on instagram. 2. tag a friend who might want to enter. unlimited entries. please use separate comments. each unique tag counts as one entry. 🌺 giveaway ends on monday evening, 09/09 at around 6 pm (az time). the winners will be announced on the feed and in my ig story shortly after the giveaway ends. 🌼disclaimer: this giveaway is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with instagram, inc. by entering, entrants confirm that they are 13+ years of age, release instagram of responsibility, and agree to instagram’s terms of use. 5g phones saguaroartz

going outside into the desert during the summer is like entering an oven dialed to the maximum setting. the air is so hot that you can almost see the heat waves dancing around you. the extreme temperatures bring on monsoon rains, as natural as sweat on skin, the desert finds a way to cool itself. this wonderland of saguaros and other hearty plants tells such a compelling story that it’s hard not to anthropomorphize its behavior. we longingly sit in our air conditioned bubbles, patiently awaiting the thunderous roar of the storm. hoping for the weather to cool down because we’ve missed feeling the warm, but not sweltering, sunshine on our faces. we pounce at any opportunity to transform from observer to participant. we were born to be wild and free. 5g phones saguaroartz

i just need to say thank you one more time. and post my first ever mug selfie. 🌵 thank you for coming to see me at my first market on many of you came to meet me and buy from me that have been following me on instagram and it just blew me away. i have loved using instagram as a way to connect and share my pottery journey and to see so many of your faces in person was absolutely incredible. i felt such a wide range of intense emotions this past week as i was preparing. lots of stress, fear, excitement, and pride. i've said it a lot to my friends and family this week but this past week my overwhelming sense is that i am proud to be me. proud of what i've acheived so far and grateful to be where i am. on my way home from the market i cried. i cried because i have realized a huge, deep passionate dream this week. i cried because i am honored to be learning how to run my own business. i cried thinking about the years in between - the years of yearning and feeling stuck. i am so grateful for those years and to be through them. and as if that's not enough vulnerability, i'm going to share a text i sent to my husband the day of the market: "i had a moment today. a long moment where i panicked. i felt like there was no way i could do this. like seriously, no way. i came unhinged. then i realized, i don't need someone elses permission to stop, or to tell me i've done enough. so i declared it to myself. i've done enough, i've gone above and beyond my wildest expectations for this first market and tonight is going to be amazing no matter what." so here's to learning how to be strong, embracing the risks, believing in myself and watching my dreams come true. every terrifying step of the way. thank you to each and every one of you for showing up in the ways you do: in person and through instagram. thank you for loving my work enough to buy it and for supporting me enough to follow along here on instagram. stay tuned because some mountain saguaros are going to be up on etsy soon!! .tucsonarizona tucsonartist saguaroart saguaromug makersmovement madeintucson madeinarizona createtucson desertart cacticacti cactuslover🌵 cactusaddict cactuspeople 5g phones saguaroartz

just finished this cool wall hanging made of saguaro driftwood and turquoise. it will probably end up in the saag gallery but i’m keeping it awhile!drftwoodart saguaroart cactusart cactusandturquoiseart southwestart westernart modernsouthwestart veteranart saagartist 5g phones saguaroartz

i'm in love with painting saguaro right now, so i sprinkled some on this nursery art for a friend! . . . . .azart cactusart saguaroart saguaro arizonaart arizonaartist arizonamom art artist painting watercolor primawatercolors theclassics painteveryday babysaguaro 5g phones saguaroartz

what inspires you? where do you get your inspiration from? i love in the sonoran desert and am incredibly inspired by what i see everyday 🌵. i’m also super inspired by the ocean 🌊. ⠀⠀ i think that the extreme differences of these two sources of inspiration might tell a story of its own. or maybe it just has something to do with the fact that i was born and raised in the high-desert of southern california and was exposed to a fair amount of desert flora and fauna ... well as the beaches so. cal is famous for. ⠀⠀ so tell me what inspired you. i’d like to explore a little and maybe find new inspiration. _____________________acrylicpainting acrylicpaint acrylicabstracts yearofcreativehabits kimberlyscreativehabit art makingart makingartdaily genxartists genxartist artforsale abstractart tucsonartist arizonaartist artsaves artformentalhealth icreateartformevintagebooks artwithvintagebookpages creativelife creativeprocess painting painter worksonpaper smallworks lifeofanartist createeveryday oldbookrevivalists saguaroart desertart via 5g phones saguaroartz

happy little saguaro for your tuesday evening 🏜 . . . . .azart cactusart saguaroart saguaro arizonaart arizonaartist arizonamom art artist painting watercolor primawatercolors theclassics painteveryday babysaguaro 5g phones saguaroartz

reposting from @thepaintsesh: ☀️🌵summer is the perfect time to paint some saguaros. ——————————— “saguaro sunrise” 🗓sat. aug. 31 - 2:00pm 📍downtown riverside, ca 🍹@themtlriverside . . . . . .riversideart riversideartist socalartist artteacher artinstructor saguaro desert saguaroart paintandsip paintsocial paintwithme diyart diypaitning paintingclass paintyourown paintingistherapy paintsesh femaleentreprenuer shopsmall supportsmallbusinesses supportlocalart summertime 5g phones saguaroartz

saguaroart señorsaguaro 5g phones saguaroartz

found a home for the awesome 🌵 prints by the talented @jbrgraphicdesign. thanks, j.b. ! 🙌🏻 5g phones saguaroartz

hello friends ... happy wednesday! ⠀⠀ i made some new stickers using some alcohol ink paintings. i love, love, love stickers for my water bottle and laptop, and i know i’m not the only one. so i made some prickly pears and chubby saguaros! ⠀⠀ if you’d like one of your own, you can by it one of my favorite local stores, creative kind (@creativekindshop). it’s also available in their online shop! _____________________watercolorpainting yearofcreativehabits kimberlyscreativehabit art makingart makingartdaily genxartists genxartist artforsale abstractart tucsonartist arizonaartist icreateartforme creativelife creativeprocess painting painter worksonpaper smallworks lifeofanartist createeveryday saguaroart desertart stickers vinylsticker pricklypear pricklypearart 5g phones saguaroartz

sunset in progress over at stained glass horizons b-194 really coming together and looking gorgeous. have an interest in stained glass art? head on over for books, supplies and finished pieces of art!stainedglassart wip stainedglass craftsupplies handmade ooak glass azsunsets saguaroart shopaz mesa shopmesa mesaaz iheartmesa mesamarketplace mesamarket 5g phones saguaroartz

cactuskidd saguaroartindianmarket 5g phones saguaroartz

delivered “posssibilities” to its new owner @ronbroglio of desert humanities at asu.... i drew this with masking fluid then aerosol and chalk on top of that. saguaroart desertdesign moretocome patience futurepassed 5g phones saguaroartz

i got interviewed i'm front of a camera today by . it was pretty exciting and nerve-wracking, too. i felt like i communicated pretty well overall. but there was one question i didn't feel confident in my answer. so i've been thinking about it this afternoon. 🔸 "what makes your business unique?" 🔸 i stumbled over the reasons. mostly i said it's because there aren't many potters making a business out of pottery here in tucson so there's market for it. but that's silly. there are a lot of skilled potters here in tucson. and that is not a good reason anyway. 🔸 so i decided to get a better answer out of my brain: 🔸 my pottery is unique because i made it. it's an outpouring of my unique skills and tastes. my pottery is unique because it's handpainted and meticulously decorated. i am inspired by places i've been, people i love, and things i love to use. 🔸 i make handmade functional pottery that is an outpouring of my passions. 🔸 there, that feels a little better to say. 🌵 . .tucsonarizona tucsonartist saguaroart saguaromug makersmovement madeintucson madeinarizona createtucson desertart cacticacticacti cactusmagazine cacticacti cactuslover🌵 cactusaddict cactuspeople tucson arizonapottery mugshot instamugs instamugsdaily 5g phones saguaroartz

a little winter preview 4 inch and 3 inch. not for sale yet. christmas christmasembroidery desertembroidery embroidery saguaro saguaroart tucsonlocal rinconvalleyfarmersmarket embroideryart dmc dmcart dmcembroidery 5g phones saguaroartz

the desert surrounds me. desertart cactusart contemporarypainting azartist phoenixsrtist saguaroart 5g phones saguaroartz

after a 3 month hiatus, i am back at it! anyone else have trouble getting shit done in the summer when the kids are off school?macrame macramewallhanging macrameheadboard layeredmacrame saguaroart saguaroribs fiberart bohodecor farmhousedecor madeinkansas 5g phones saguaroartz

i am so happy to now have a beautiful website that compliments the color & care that i put into my art!✨🎨 i’ve been waiting until the site reveal to add new art and posts. now that it’s here for you, i’ll be blogging and posting videos weekly, and listing new original paintings in the shop!💕 there even may already be new art in the shop🙈 have you spotted it?!☀️ technicolorbotanical paigepoppeart 5g phones saguaroartz

loving this new tucson mural showcasing how saguaros are the heart of the sonoran desert 😍. . . . mural by @lalocota 5g phones saguaroartz

katie has some wonderful cards in her stall to send to that special someone in your life. @krflettre @heirloomfm cards tucsonartist tucsonarizona cactus cactuscards cactusart saguaro saguaroart rinconvalleyfarmersmarket tucsonlocal tucsonarizona visittucson 5g phones saguaroartz

van gogh style arizona hatching vangogh vangoghstyle arizona cactus saguaroart saguaro mountains art artist artwork 5g phones saguaroartz

‘three tall’. saguaroart cactusart phoenixartist interiordesign 5g phones saguaroartz

“life in balance” a tucson portrait story. 20”x20 mixed media giclee collage on metal....rising from the earth reaching clear blue skies this majestic saguaro towers over all earthly beings in the sonoran desert. tucsonoutdoors saguaroart natureartist parsonsschoolofdesign whyilovethisplace bluesaguaro balancedlifestyle 5g phones saguaroartz

reality and art in scottsdale, az.iphone saguaroart saguaro alongthearizonaroad 5g phones saguaroartz

commissioned desert piece for some awesome folks on dove mountain. desertart westernart customart veteranart saguaroart southernarizonaartistsguild arizonaart 5g phones saguaroartz

“night owls no. 1” and “night owls no. 2”, 9x12 inches, acrylic on canvas. . . . .pricklypearstudioartbymarasaladotx saladoart saladoartfair visitsaladotxsaguaroart nightowls 5g phones saguaroartz

did you know that there are several spiritiles available only through a single retailer? a couple of years ago, houston started a new journey, partnering with a few spiritile retailers to create exclusive designs that would embody the spirit of beautiful cities and cultures around america. over the next several posts, we’ll showcase spiritiles in regions representing the wild breadth of american life. first up? the west! ⛷🌵 these two exclusive spiritiles hail from phoenix, az and the rocky mountains of co. these two can be ordered exclusively and respectively through @xanadugallery and @raitmanartgalleries - want to see the full series? check our link in bio! houstonllew spiritiles saguaro peak exclusiveworks thewest westernart skiingart saguaroart cactusart arizonalife rockymountainlife desertlife skiinglife 5g phones saguaroartz

what’s something you’ve wanted to start but are too scared to do it? or somehow can think of 100 reasons why you shouldn’t or can’t do it. - excuses never helped anyone get anywhere. - this is simple, but one thing i want to do is hike more. get up early and take foster for a hike. it’s a great way for me to get exercise, some thinking time and even painting time. we live 5 minutes from kolob so honestly i should have zero excuses!!! - i always say it’s too hot. or there are things that need to be done around the house,,,blah blah blahh - so i’m putting this out here so you guys can hold me accountable 💪🏼 — keep an eye out on your inbox tonight💌⭐️this cactus original as well as another finished original will be on my website and ready for grabs!! woooot woot!! 5g phones saguaroartz

18/30 “the desert’s welcome” not sure where this came from.. just randomly decided to paint a desert landscape. i have lived here in the phoenix valley for a few years now and this is my first time actually painting an unmistakable desert scene. i have been following @bethanyhartwickart for a while now, and i think it was her beautiful paintings that have inspired me to finally paint this new place i live in without reserve tonight. check out her work, it’s so relaxed and romantic, and makes me happier to live here, even in this heat! 5g phones saguaroartz

starting a new one today! . . . .saguaros pricklypearstudio pinksky texaswildflowers 5g phones saguaroartz

another tee shirt post because i am obsessed!! preorders for this tee are open for usa shoppers now, and when you order you will be supporting not one but two female tucson artists! @duckgirl50 and i are having so much fun with this collaboration and we hope you will love it as much as we will! click through the link in my bio to enter your preorder! all of your questions will be answered in the form! . . . . .tucsonartist shoplocaltucson tucsonaz uofa tucsonart arizonaart arizonaartist cacti cactus🌵 cactilover cactiofinstagram cacticacti saguaro saguaroart saguarotee cactustee peonylover floralillustration florist thisistucson tucsonnative tucsoncommunity whyilovewhereilive 5g phones saguaroartz

self explanatory 🌵 5g phones saguaroartz

this watercolor landscape is from a photo i snapped on a hike at usery mountain regional park near mesa, arizona. this is a beautiful park and i’m quite sure it will remain a favorite of mine in the phoenix metro area. the landscape there reminded me a bit of the tucson mountains, with similar types of mountains covered in dense forests of saguaro cactus. the saguaros and the palo verde trees were blooming this day - beautiful and allergy attack inducing! the last photo inspired this painting. item measures 2”x3” and is painted on high-quality acid free art paper. it is available for purchase in a simple black and silver tone frame with signed mat or unframed. the unframed option ships free. link to shop in profile. 🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵 teressajacksonart artistsoninstagram azart arizona arizonaart azartist mesaarizona userymountain saguaro saguarobloom saguaroart cactus cactusart cactusofinstagram watercolor watercolorpainting tinyart miniaturepainting tinylandscape landscapeart desertart 5g phones saguaroartz

this tiny 3x2” watercolor features the view from usery mountain regional park’s wind cave trail. i was so intrigued with this proud-looking saguaro hanging out on the mountainside, arms spread gloriously. in my shop (link in profile) starting at $15 with free shipping! 🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵 teressajacksonart teressathetempean userymountain userymountainregionalpark maricopacounty mesaarizona instagramaz artistsoninstagram azart azartist arizonaart arizonaartist landscapeart watercolor watercolorpainting saguaro saguaroart cactus cactusart miniaturepainting tinylandscape proudcactus tinyart 5g phones saguaroartz

this little 4x4" arizona landscape is up for auction right now as part of a fundraiser organized by @marchathompson all proceeds will be donated to the florence project and hecate society to help those affected by the crisis at the us-mexico border. you can head on over to her page to bid on this little painting. there are lots of other beautiful items up for bid as well. auction ends july 15th! thank you💛 . . . . .arizonalandscape desertvibes desertlandscape desertart desertdweller saguaroart desertliving arizonasun cactusart purplemountains artbyreginalord creativekismet madeintucson arizonabeauty acrylicpainting canvas originalartwork arizonaartist tucsonartist sonorandesert colorplay colorlove colorjoy cactuslove cactus landscapeart landscapepainting dailydoseofcolor 5g phones saguaroartz

i love drawing cactuses for some reason. no two are ever the same and they move in such cool and unique directions. on top of that, saguaro cactuses are possibly some of the most awe-inspiring plants i've ever seen. those things can be huge! - - - -desertart desertdecor desertvibes desertchic desertartwork desertprints deserthome deserthomedecor modernminimalist modernart modernhomedecor moderndesertart joshuatreepainting trendyhomedecor trendyhomeart wallart southwesternart southwesterndecor saguarocactus saguaroart 5g phones saguaroartz

long time, no post! i guess it hasn’t been that long ... i’ve been recovering from a super intense two weeks in europe and have been sleeping more and social media-ing less. ⠀⠀ i wanted to share something i made recently: vinyl stickers. i painted some watercolor backgrounds, scanned them and then played with them digitally to created this sticker. super cute... if i do say so myself!! ⠀⠀ if you’d like one of your own, you can buy it one of my favorite local stores, creative kind (@creativekindshop). it’s also available in their online shop if you art local! _____________________watercolorpainting yearofcreativehabits kimberlyscreativehabit art makingart makingartdaily genxartists genxartist artforsale abstractart tucsonartist arizonaartist artsaves artformentalhealth icreateartforme bipolar bipolarartist creativelife creativeprocess painting painter worksonpaper smallworks lifeofanartist createeveryday saguaroart desertart stickers vinylsticker ipreview via 5g phones saguaroartz

i’m grateful to have freedom today and be living a life that i want without fear everyday, we can’t take that for granted, as we witness the world. we may not agree with everything but i think we can agree the usa is a fortunate place to live , happy independence day and keep living your dream 💗 i’ll be living mine on my couch listening to my music, drawing away 😊 p.s make sure to take care of your lil furballs today with the fireworks going off 🐶 pinkpuddlestudio happy4th hairart hairpainting watercolorart watercolorpainting independenceday2019 girlpainting american americanflag topknot bunontherun blueflowers watercolorflowers roses saguaro saguaroart 5g phones saguaroartz

here is my wip at the moment! but i want your opinion. how should i do the sky? sunset, stormy, clear blue, fluffy clouds?? vote below👇🏼 5g phones saguaroartz

another saguaro boot piece that will probably end up at southernarizonaartsguild. cactusart desertart arizonaart saguaroart cactusboots southwestart veteranart saagartist 5g phones saguaroartz

saguaro boot just chillin in his chair. available at the saag gallery in tucson shortly. desertart saguaroart arizonaart southernarizonaartsguild cactusart veteranart southwestart 5g phones saguaroartz

patches/flags v.1. definitely have more experimenting to do but i’m digging them. . . . . .linocut handmadestamp reliefprint printmakersofinstagram handmadepatch cactusart saguaroart mushroomart bairdssparrow morel ravenart fabricstamping 5g phones saguaroartz

a commissioned piece for some great south dakota folks trying to “westernize” their house. saguaro ribs and boots with turquoise. southwestart saguaro saguaroart southwestdesignstyle arizonaart veteranart saagsrtist 5g phones saguaroartz

i've always been a night owl. 🌙⭐️ i feel most alive and awake when most people go to sleep. late into the night is when my creative energy reaches its peak and is often when inspiration strikes. over the years, i've learned to follow my natural rhythm and it has done wonders for my productivity and overall happiness. this is one of the reasons i love my job so much. i can set my own schedule. i can work late into the night and allow myself to sleep in on most days. life is about finding the best ways to live for you... if you aren't happy with society's guidebook, write your own. how about you? are you a night owl or are you more of a morning person? when do you feel most productive or creative? 5g phones saguaroartz

mylittlegirl artist saguaroart gift 5g phones saguaroartz

when i started filling each day with art i began to see the world in a different way. i started to see patterns, shapes and colors that were previously hidden to my eyes. a world that once existed only in my mind, found an escape through my pen. it’s a whimsical place, filled with exaggerated colors and stylized forms. a place where rocks on the ground become polka dots because that’s what they remind me of. where the same colors that decorate the sky also decorate my favorite articles of clothing. it’s a place that is special to me, so i often feel compelled to share it. 5g phones saguaroartz

kate has some beautiful collage art just waiting for you! @krflettre @heirloomfm explorearizona shoplocaltucson tucsonlocal rinconvalleyfarmersmarket saguaro saguaroart collageartist nightsky 5g phones saguaroartz

why live life in neutrals when there are so many beautiful colors in the world? ❤️🌸🌼🌺🌵🦋🍊🥝☀️ rainbow wren card by me @annotatedaudrey 5g phones saguaroartz

visiting the office of dr. jeffrey m. nelson in tucson, i was enthralled with the spectacular abstract paintings, wood designs, acrylics and three-dimensional metal and wood art forms, displayed throughout his office. i was delighted to discover that dr. nelson created these captivating pieces himself. his works have been displayed in tubac, southern arizona’s premier art center. turns out, dr. nelson began painting landscapes, portraits and arizona scenes while in grade school, but he's never received formal artistic training. i was impressed by his eye for proportion, symmetry, and anatomic detail. ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ 👨 🎨 ❤ 🌵🌅 👌 saguaro saguaroart saguaroskeleton woodart wooddesigns artwork 3dart acrylicart 3dartwork acrylic abstractart abstractpainting abstracts abstractartist acrylicpainting art artist painting handmade abstract artoftheday gallery tucsonartists localartist 3dartist desertdweller thisistucson igerstucson everything_imaginable azreflections 5g phones saguaroartz