drew some more children for my phone case (my pop socket is slightly turned and it’s making me mad) - - - my phone case has been empty for so long i’m glad it’s not anymore lol - - - ignore tags danganronpa danganronpafanart danganronpaart danganronpanagito danganronpakokichi kokichioma kokichiouma nagitokomaeda fanart art phonecase 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

thank you for 100 followers i am so happy i can't— i met so cool people here and i don't know what should i say ilysm 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺❤❤💛❤💛❤💛❤💚💚💛💚❤💚💛💚❤💚❤danganronpa danganronpa2 danganronpamemes danganronpa2goodbyedespair danganronpashitpost danganronpatrashnagito nagitokomaeda komaeda danganronpa3 danganronpa3killingharmony hajime hinata hajimehinata 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

kinda took me like a hour to make this drv2 superdanganronpa2 danganronpa chiaki chiakinanami hajimehinata hajime nagitokomaeda nagito edit 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

| 𝖞𝖊𝖆𝖍 𝖒𝖞 𝖇𝖔𝖞𝖋𝖗𝖎𝖊𝖓𝖉'𝖘 𝖕𝖗𝖊𝖙𝖙𝖞 𝖈𝖔𝖔𝖑, 𝖇𝖚𝖙 𝖍𝖊'𝖘 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖆𝖘 𝖈𝖔𝖔𝖑 𝖆𝖘 𝖒𝖊 --------- pls dont let this flop i really like it 😔✋ sorry about the borders i was too lazy to fix them --------- .𝐚𝐜/ the song is brooklyn baby by lana del rey .𝐬𝐜/ youtube .𝐜𝐜/ me wooo some tags lol - - - -danganronpa danganronpaedit komahina komahinaedit nagitokomaeda nagitokomaedaedit hajimehinata hajimehinataedit aestheticedits makotonaegi makotonaegiedit myheroacademia mhaedit myheroacademiaedit bnha mha bnhaedit bokunoheroacademiaedit danganronpaedits danganronpa2 sdra2 dr2 sdr2 killingharmony goodbyedespair triggerhappyhavoc 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

i believe my actions will become the foundation of this world's hope. and...if that really happens... praise me. tell others what i've accomplished. erect a bronze statue of me. respect me. please call me...the ultimate hope. 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

another collab with the amazing @duckqueen69 ! sorry my part is pretty bad but i hope you like it anyways 🥺 part 1(mikan): @duckqueen69 part 2(nagito): me . . 💞 💞 💞 all art belongs to original artists, dm me if you see your art and want it to be credited/removed 💞 💞 💞 character: mikan tsumiki and nagito komaeda app: cute cut pro 💞 💞 💞 tags:opencollab danganronpa danganronpaedit sdr2 nagitokomaeda nagitokomaedaedit mikantsumiki mikantsumikiedit edit videoedit cutecutedit anime animeedit 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

danganronpaanotherepisode monacatowa nagitokomaeda slaveuwu artnotmine (credits to the artist) 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

happy birthday ash anshanbern,, it is exactly 12:00 your time. no homo but ilysm. youre the ishimaru to my mondo, the himiko to my tenko, the nagito to my hajime, the kyoko to my makoto, the kirishima to my bakugo, and the cock itchy to my shoe itchy in a no homo way bcuz thatd be weird since youre 19 now - song - birthday by katy perry dt - ash and ash only go away you fake ashes 😠😠😠 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

;-; wow nagito woow • ~~~~~~~~~~~ • credit:??? • ~~~~~~~~~~~ • tags: nagitokomaeda nagito komaedanagito komaeda danganronpameme danganronpamemes danganronpa2 dr dr2 memes animemes uwu nagitomemes nagitokomaedaedit 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

there will be pt 2 because i kin more dr characters (i put what i relate to in the characters) • • • •danganronpa danganronpakin himikoyumeno nagitokomaeda kokichiouma kazuichisouda 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

take two animation wips at the end first is komahina and last is kokichi kaito and kiibo family yes i know kokichi face wrong way ;( ill pay for kokichi memes pls send kokichi memes kokichi meme - danganronpa danganronpa2 danganronpamemes danganronpav2 danganronpagoodbyedespair danganronpa2goodbyedespair nagitokomaeda nagito nagitokomaedamemes komaedamemes danganronpameme danganronpa2meme sdra2 sdr2 sansmaeda 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

uuuuggghhhh cute! 😭😭😭💖 . . . . . . . . i fucking love these characters so much. the v3 characters don't even compare to these babies. still trying to watch v3 tho.... even tho so far its bullshit! *danganronpa2 goodbyedespair danganronpa2goodbyedespair hajimehinata nagitokomaeda chiakinanami byakuyatwogami mikantsumiki nekomarunidai akaneowari ibukimioda pekopekoyama fuyuhikokuzuryuu hiyokosaionji mahirukoizumi sonianevermind gundhamtanaka kazuichisoda 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

【Could this be...?】 • • • y'all these r so fun to make and i really like how this one turned out so :ddanganronpa danganronpaedit superdanganronpa2 superdanganronpa2edit sdr2 sdr2edit komahina nagitokomaeda hajimehinata 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

bruh moment 😔 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

~let us meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.~ 🌸💜danganronpa danganronpaedits danganronpamemes chiakinanami ibukimioda nagitokomaeda makotonaegi kyokokirigiri anime otaku animeart fanart weeb rp roleplay junkoenoshima hajimehinata ship fandom animegirls videogames danganronpav3 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

nagito komaeda and the destroyer of the world //story reshares are appreciated! song: miki matsubara - stay with me ac: me dt: tagged! 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

just normie things komaedanagito komaeda nagitokomaeda danganronpa danganronpamemes 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

comisión de hoy~ nagito komaeda de dangan ronpa~ 🌹👀✨ eng another handdrawn commision i made today. also my english sucks. but i want to my audience to understand me so i'm gonna give my *terrible* bestnagitokomaeda komaeda danganronpa nagitodanganronpa videogame chibi animechibi anime animeart art raidoudan illust illustration sharpie markers instart artistsofinstagram instaartist 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

phone backgrounds for me and my partner made a few days apart clearly i was feeling more ambitious with my nagito one because i didn't even bother drawing kokichi with a jacketdanganronpa danganronpav3 superdanganronpa2 danganronpa2 sdr2 drv3 nagitokomaeda kokichiouma nagito kokichi komaeda ouma 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

i’m almost sorry lol 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

random sketches cuz i don't have any full peices. life has been stressful 🙃 - - -homestuck homestuckfanart gamzeemakara terezipyrope roselalonde traditionalart charcoaldrawing nagitokomaeda 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

when monokuma compares you to nagito the nagito is @dj.stankdaddy! • • •danganronpacosplay makotocosplay danganronpa makotocosplay makotonaegi nagitokomaeda cosplayercheck nagito sdr2 danganronpa2 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

ooof i decided to shade this drawing as if it was a manga/comic so i hope you like it uwu ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆danganronpa drv2 drv2fanart nagitokomaeda nagitokomaedafanart danganronpaart nagitofanart ratboy 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

him 😳👉👈danganronpa sdr2 nagitokomaeda komaedanagito art 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

// soft nsfw warning btw// this looked so much better when i was editing it😐 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

nagito sketches ft. an amoeba nagitokomaeda superdanganronpa2 danganronpa komaedanagito nagito komaeda hajimehinata hinatahajime 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

nagito komaeda (dr2) kills terfs! -mod monaca requesteddanganronpa dr2 goodbyedespair nagitokomaeda yourfavekillsterfs yourfave 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

[1/7 for paulina appreciation week] i love paulina sm she's one of the best ppl to exist she's the makoto to my junko, the hajime to my sonia, and the shuichi to my kirumi. sometimes me and her will just have little chats when we're bored and we need company or entertainment and i always laugh sm at our little jokes 😅 ilysm and yes i'm making you 7 edits for the next week because you're that amazing 😤 ily lots fam 😳 i hope we can see eachother next weekend, it's been wayyy too long since we last saw eachother woah. anyways this is already too long so ily paulina!! ~sincerely your mom, kirumi 💝 (also, not a ship edit!!) 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

[9/6/19] here is part one of this past friday’s asks! thanks to everybody who submitted a question! want to ask something? dm us your question and it’ll be answered next week -admin masarudanganronpa danganronpaask danganronpaasks warriorsofhope warriorsofhopeask warriorsofhopeasks danganronpaanotherepisode danganronpaanotherepisodeultradespairgirls ultradespairgirls masarudaimon kotokoutsugi jatarokemuri nagisashingetsu monacatowa komarunaegi tokofukawa nagitokomaeda 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

komaeda is my waifu because i'm really good at making the worst possible decision. and yes, waifu. he's a very pretty girl.danganronpa2 danganronpaart danganronpa danganronpagoodbyedespair nagitokomaeda komaedanagito komaeda art dr2 artist traditionalartwork animeart anime game horror artist artistsoninstagram drawing dr unsettling dark 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

psa 🥰🥰 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

when souda said to nagito if he was dreaming of some hot girls, i was like: hmm yeah.. those hot chicks were you and fuyuhiko lol 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

you cant be a kokichi kinnie and be straight 🐉 . .nagitokomaeda discourse discourseaccount 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

day 9: the last video is my favorite ever video to existhajimehinatanagitokomaedafuyuhikokuzuryugundhamtanakakazuichisodadanganronpadanganronpadancingdaily 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

happy belated birthday shuichi!!! 💙💙💙💙 shuichi is literally my favorite character in the history of anime ever and i am so upset that i couldn’t finish the edit on time but whatever it’s ok. so yeah basically i’d become the 2nd coming of hitler if shuichi told me to and i love him 🥰🥰. . . . . . . .danganronpa danganronpaedit danganronpaedits shuichisaiharaedit shuichisaihara kokichiouma anime animeedits animeedit aestheticedits candyedit kokichioumaedit nagitokomaeda nagitokomaedaedit danganronpav3 danganronpav3edit suqarrct 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

okay i absolutely adore these boyss (separate images of them on my story :)) • • • • • (ignore tags lol)danganronpa danganronpav2 hajimehinata nagitokomaeda danganronpahajime danganronpahajimehinata danganronpakomaeda danganronpanagito danganronpanagitokomaedadanganronpafanart drv2 digitalart digitalartist fanart ibispaintxblanktexxt 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

i’m the trash man! i come out, i throw.. trash, all over the— all over the ring, and then— i start eatin’ garbage! and then i pick up the trash can and i smash the guy on the head ✰ ac: @ i don’t remember dt: tagged colouring credit: @ videostarpresetssx 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

open the portal, jump in! —— ac: pinkies brew cc: me dt: tagged —— [nagitokomaeda nagitokomaedaedit dr2 sdr2 danganronpa danganronpaedit komaedanagito komaedanagitoedit komaeda komaedaedit] story reshares are appreciated :))) none of the art is mine !! 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

day 56 it’s nearly been like 2 months since i started this account, i’m still surprised that i made it this far. let’s hope there are many more months to come {235}danganronpa danganronpagoodbyedespair sdr2 nagitokomaeda komaedanagito 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

créditos a: @criischan nagitokomaeda nagito danganropa danganronpa2 danganronpa 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

today i drank bubble tea and did math work and that’s the most eventful i’ve been makotonaegi nagitokomaeda hajimehinata danganronpa 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

a little sneak peak of some shenanigans from this weekend 😈 i already miss my friends so much 🥺🥺🥺 we’ll all hang out again soon i had an unbelievable amount of fun with arlo and vin and artie!!! wig: amazon, styled by me contacts: @contactlenshub cosplay: made by me! . . . . . .sdra2 superdanganronpa2 sdr2cosplay superdanganronpa2cosplay nagitokomaeda nagitokomaedacosplay nekomarunidai nekomarunidaicosplay kazuichisouda kazuichisoudacosplay cosplay cosplayersofinstagram danganronpa danganronpacosplay 5g phones nagitokomaedaz

i havent shitposted in a while here you go . also sorry gamers i dont think i'll have time to update lucky star today maybe later this week oops . .ashleyisakazuichikinnie stopngo_art danganronpa danganronpafanart danganronpaart sdr2 drthh superdanganronpa2 danganronpatriggerhappyhavoc goodbyedespair triggerhappyhavoc mikantsumiki ibukimioda hajimehinata chiakinanami nagitokomaeda komaeda mondooowada mondoowada photoshopart illustration digitalart 5g phones nagitokomaedaz