drew some more children for my phone case (my pop socket is slightly turned and it’s making me mad) - - - my phone case has been empty for so long i’m glad it’s not anymore lol - - - ignore tags danganronpa danganronpafanart danganronpaart danganronpanagito danganronpakokichi kokichioma kokichiouma nagitokomaeda fanart art phonecase 5g phones danganronpafanartz

happy late birthday to my emo boi succ succ 🖤 ————————————————————————shuichisaihara danganronpa danganronpafanart killingharmony drv3 shuichi 5g phones danganronpafanartz

him. i dunno, man. i was playing with colors. digital art is not my forte ;p 🐛 🐛 🐛 🐛shuichisaihara pregameshuichi pregameshuichisaihara danganronpa danganronpav3 ndrv3 danganronpafanart 5g phones danganronpafanartz

fuck deez hoes . . .kinnie kokichi kokichiouma fanart art drawing danganronpaart kokichiart drv3 danganronpafanart 5g phones danganronpafanartz

finally, the danganronpa fangame cast is complete! i nearly broke my spine coloring these last four all in one night,,, anyway, meet our last four characters! halo kanē, the ultimate surfer (and one of my personal favorites), maro tsubame, the ultimate trapper-hunter, miako amai, the ultimate candymaker, and rin kawabuko, the ultimate fashion designer! more info on them will be released as i draw more! all of the fangame characters will be getting digital refs as well! also, forgive me for the awful coloring job on everyone, especially rin. i’m exhausted and it’s 11:40 on a sunday night, whoops. rin’s coloring smudged so much and i have no idea why, so i kinda gave up halfway through. nevertheless, i love all these kiddos and am probably going to cry when i have to kill everyone off lmao. -art danganronpa danganronpafangame danganronpafanart danganronpaoc danganronpafancharacter 5g phones danganronpafanartz

's ᏢᎾsᏆ~◇☆★☆★☆★☆◆|| «🎭». . ▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄ ↫↫↫↫↫↫↫↫↫↫ ✙♛✙ᏦᎾᏦᎥᏟhᎥ ᎾumᎪ✙♛✙ ↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬ □□□□□0% ■□□□□20% ■■□□□40% ■■■□□60% ■■■■□80% ■■■■□90% ■■■■■100% ᏟᏒᎬᎠᎥᏆ ᏆᎾ ᏆhᎬ ᎪᏒᏆᎥsᏆ! . ▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄ . ๑۩۞۩๑ ᏢᏞᎬᎪsᎬ, fᎾᏞᏞᎾᎳ mᎬ fᎾᏒ mᎾᏒᎬ ➣ @_x_galaxy_kokichi_ouma_x_ ~ . ᏆᎪᎶs: ✰ danganronpa ✰ danganrompa ✰ danganronpa1 ✰ danganronpa2 ✰ danganronpa3 ✰ danganronpav3 ✰ danganronpafanart ✰ danganronpaedit ✰ kokichi ✰ kokichiouma ✰ kokichioma ✰ 5g phones danganronpafanartz

🍇 - nya, bitch 🍇 it's my birthday! so i drew kokichi because y e a h such a fucking rat but i love him so much ××× ☕ tags uwu ☕danganronpa drv3 danganronpav3 danganronpafanart kokichiouma oumakokichi kokichi digitalart art 5g phones danganronpafanartz

personaje: mikan tsumiki anime: danganronpa foto: @hi_im.charlie999 danganronpafanart mikan mikantsumiki manga anime danganronpaedit danganronpa2 danganronpa1 loli kawaii danganronpa 5g phones danganronpafanartz

a drawing of chihiro for an art trade between me and @booqnish!! she’s the best and if you’re not following her already, you best smash that follow button right now.danganronpa dr chihiro chihirofujisaki fujisaki fujisakichihiro danganronpachihiro fanart danganronpafanart drfanart 5g phones danganronpafanartz

's ᏢᎾsᏆ~◇☆★☆★☆★☆◆|| «💫». . ▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄ ↫↫↫↫↫↫↫↫↫↫ ✙♛✙ᏦᎾᏦᎥᏟhᎥ ᎾumᎪ✙♛✙ ↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬↬ □□□□□0% ■□□□□20% ■■□□□40% ■■■□□60% ■■■■□80% ■■■■□90% ■■■■■100% ᏟᏒᎬᎠᎥᏆ ᏆᎾ ᏆhᎬ ᎪᏒᏆᎥsᏆ! . ▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄ . ๑۩۞۩๑ ᏢᏞᎬᎪsᎬ, fᎾᏞᏞᎾᎳ mᎬ fᎾᏒ mᎾᏒᎬ ➣ @_x_galaxy_kokichi_ouma_x_ ~ . ᏆᎪᎶs: ✰ danganronpa ✰ danganrompa ✰ danganronpa1 ✰ danganronpa2 ✰ danganronpa3 ✰ danganronpav3 ✰ danganronpafanart ✰ danganronpaedit ✰ kokichi ✰ kokichiouma ✰ kokichioma ✰ 5g phones danganronpafanartz

'ѕ ροѕτ✮☆✮☆✮☆✮☆✮ . ➶➶➶➶➶➶➶➶➶➶ «huh? w-what's wrong?..» ➶➶➶➶➶➶➶➶➶➶ . ⟳✙ʀyᴏᴛᴀ ᴍɪᴛᴀʀᴀɪ✙⟳ ๑chō kōkō kyū no "animētā"๑ . ✰ [cr. to the artist]. ✰ pleɑse, follow me for more ➣ @l_m.i.t.a.r.a.i_k.u.n_l . . ταgѕ: ✰ danganronpa ✰ danganrompa ✰ danganronpa1 ✰ danganronpa2 ✰ danganronpa3 ✰ danganronpav3 ✰ danganronpafanart ✰ danganronpaedit ✰ mitatairyota ✰ ryotamitarai ✰ mitarairyouta ✰ mitarairyotaedit ✰ ryotamitaraiedit ✰ mitarairyotafanart ✰ 5g phones danganronpafanartz

[ danganronpav3 spoliers! ⚠️ ] tenko is so underrated 🖤 . . .himikoyumeno tenkochabashira danganronpa danganronpaedit danganronpafanart drv2 dredit drv2edit danganronpamemes hope despair monokuma junkoenoshima anime manga 5g phones danganronpafanartz

✂️✂️✂️ • • •danganronpa triggerhappyhavoc drthh danganronpafanart traditionalart poscapens animeart tokofukawa genocidersyo 5g phones danganronpafanartz

not to be nsfw but i would love to give amami a high five :-) • •digitalart digitalartworks digitalartwork artwork doodle rantaroamami amamirantaro fanart animefanart danganronpafanart danganronpa drv3 drv3fanart 5g phones danganronpafanartz

just because theres something seriously wrong with her doesnt mean she aint best girl! we stan the kuwata siblings (i dont give a shit if they were cousins bicth ass) no i do not ship lanon its disgustingdanganronpa danganronpafanart ultradespairgirls ultradespairhagakure kanonnakajima 5g phones danganronpafanartz

day 8 -what's my name i was gonna draw maki but fuck if this line doesn't work with miu so, y e e t. × × × ×miuiruma danganronpa danganronpav3 danganronpav3killingharmony danganronpakillingharmony instagramartists instagramart artoninstagram art artist artsy artistsoninstagram sketchtember2019 sketchtember fanart fanartanime danganronpafanart 5g phones danganronpafanartz

context: married couple encounters a single mother with her babyh sksksksk im sorry i dont post danganronpa as much as before 😞 so heres a smol comeback . . .danganronpa kirumitojo tojokirumi kirumom kokichiouma oumakokichi itsafriggin babykokichi hhhhh kaedeakamatsu akamatsukaede shuichisaihara saiharashuichi saimatsu shuichixkaede kaedexshuichi danganronpav3 ndrv3 danganronpafanart art fanart digitalart nomemestoday unfortunately danganronpav3killingharmony . this is easily the quickest shading ive ever attempted wtheckkk 5g phones danganronpafanartz

first post baby! despair time • • •danganronpa drthh triggerhappyhavoc junkoenoshima mukuroikusaba despairsisters fanart poscapens traditionalart danganronpafanart redraw 5g phones danganronpafanartz

je me demande si maki et hifumi c'était rencontré, est-ce que ça aurait mené a ça? x)danganronpa1 danganronpav3 makiharukawa hifumiyamada danganropa fanarts danganronpafanart 5g phones danganronpafanartz

i missed saiharas bday bc i’m a busy bitch so heres the source of my thirst, i tried 😢✌️ _________________________________________shuichisaihara oumasai saiouma oumakokichi saiharaxouma danganronpa danganronpav3 fanart danganronpafanart illustration doodle drawing art myart artofinstagram digitalart wacomintuos doodleoftheday anime cartoon cartoonart clipstudio clipstudiopaint digitalartwork cute pregameshuichi pregamekokichi 5g phones danganronpafanartz

hey so uh i've become kinda invested in @drssofficial lately so ofc i had to enter the fan art competition! anyway here's mastermind sayami + an aesthetic for him - - - - - - - - 🐾tags🐾art fanart drssfanart drart drss danganronpaseeingstardust seeingstardust danganronpa danganronpafangame fangame danganronpaart danganronpafanart 5g phones danganronpafanartz

okay i absolutely adore these boyss (separate images of them on my story :)) • • • • • (ignore tags lol)danganronpa danganronpav2 hajimehinata nagitokomaeda danganronpahajime danganronpahajimehinata danganronpakomaeda danganronpanagito danganronpanagitokomaedadanganronpafanart drv2 digitalart digitalartist fanart ibispaintxblanktexxt 5g phones danganronpafanartz

i havent shitposted in a while here you go . also sorry gamers i dont think i'll have time to update lucky star today maybe later this week oops . .ashleyisakazuichikinnie stopngo_art danganronpa danganronpafanart danganronpaart sdr2 drthh superdanganronpa2 danganronpatriggerhappyhavoc goodbyedespair triggerhappyhavoc mikantsumiki ibukimioda hajimehinata chiakinanami nagitokomaeda komaeda mondooowada mondoowada photoshopart illustration digitalart 5g phones danganronpafanartz

orange akane bby ❤💫 figured out my ig isn't a bitch, which my tumblr indeed is at times lol - redesign by @azilezi / kirvia on tumblr i luv luv luv their art - - -notmydesign danganronpa superdanganronpa2 sdr2 danganronpafanart akaneowari fanart 5g phones danganronpafanartz

my favourite gal kirigiri!! i’ve decided i’m going to start drawing more fanart so leave some comments on what you’d like to see me draw in the future! • • • • •art doodle drawing draw artist oc ocs originalcharacter originalcharacterart characterdesign characterillustration charactersheet character originalcharacters characters digitalart originalartwork artwork artworks deer illustration danganronpa kirigiri kirigirikyoko kyokokirigiri fanart danganronpav1 danganronpafanart kirigirifanart purple 5g phones danganronpafanartz

"as long as you don't yearn for hope, you'll never fall victim to despair." - junko enoshima, danganronpa ---------- i drew junko in more casual clothing! she was a hard one, but i really just love how beautiful her hair is. it was fun to draw! ---------- tags:junko junkoenoshima danganronpafanart danganronpa danganronpatriggerhappyhavoc casualjunko casualstyle monokuma fanart traditionalart anime animefanart videogame 5g phones danganronpafanartz

ive been on tik tok alot and have been seeing this dance going around so i decided to draw mikan doing it!! also i was inspired by @/insertowo because her cosplay of mikan was super cute and i loved all the stickers. - - - -tags🌈danganronpafanart danganronpa danganronpa2 danganronpagoodbyedespair mikan mikantsumiki anime animeart animefanart fanart digitalart myart 5g phones danganronpafanartz

ℬᎯℬᎽ it was his birthday yesterday but i didn’t finish ( or start working on this ohoho ) on time so we posting it today fellas 😔 but he’s baby!! uᏇu ac: sakura -samurai groove dt: @starkiissed @jadeddrag0n uᏇushuichi saihara shuichisaihara saiharashuichi birthdayedit happybirthdayshuichi pureedit danganronpa danganronpav3 danganronpaedit danganronpafanart danganronpav3edit danganronpav3fanart drv3 5g phones danganronpafanartz

yummy sondam tingz 🤤🤤 basically requested by my friends, yw mariah and kain ok but on god they’re really cute - -illustrationdanganronpasdr2danganronpa2danganronpa2goodbyedespairdanganronpafanartsondamsonianevermindgundhamtanaka 5g phones danganronpafanartz

more on this au later, i’ve got stuff planned òwódanganronpa danganronpav3 drv3 kokichiouma kokichi danganronpafanart speedpaint 5g phones danganronpafanartz

uświadomiłam sobie, ż nie wstawiłam nic od 22 sierpnia, więc macie trochę pierdół, które narysowałam od tamtego czasu. zrobiłam se ocka do ronpy i cud, że ma imię, bo ja jestem taka beznadziejna jeśli chodzi o jakieś informacje na temat moich postaci, że szkoda gadać. i zrobiłam z ronpy au do toy story 4 nie ma za codanganronpa danganronpaoc ibukimioda gundhamtanaka junkoenoshima hajimehinata art polishartist toystory4 doodle danganronpa2 danganronpafanart watercolor sketchbook sketch doodles pszczolki nagitokomaeda komaeda forky woodie 5g phones danganronpafanartz

alphabetical edit cause that’s my only motivation (btw they are probably all gonna be rainbow cause whynot): day 1: angie yonaga i’m not doing a ball monokuma or byakuya for b so i’m gonna skip to c dt: @teamoonie cause she is angie ~tags~ sorry if the tags don’t match i copied and pasted danganronpav2 danganronpafanart danganronpakillingharmony danganronpaamv danganronpameme danganronpaanime danganronpa2cosplay danganronpaedits danganronparp danganronpaultradespairgirls danganronpacosplay danganronpa danganronpav3 danganronpagoodbyedespair danganronpaart danganronpav3killingharmony danganronpa1 danganronpacosplayer danganronpatheanimation danganronpa2goodbyedespair danganronpaanotherepisode newdanganronpav3 danganronpa2 danganronpav3edit danganronpamemes danganronpatriggerhappyhavoc danganronpa3 danganronpaedit 5g phones danganronpafanartz

hey guys i've finally made a haha funney shit post _soudakazuichi gundhamtanaka soudam sorrybutmamaneedslikes danganronpa sdr2 myart superdanganronpa2 danganronpafanart 5g phones danganronpafanartz

hi ! that's machi here ! i did a drawing for shuuichi's birthday ! i hope you like it uwu (oh ! and sorry if i don't post so much than before. i work so hard at school twt) • • • |_tags_|drawingdanganronpa drv3 drv3fanart shuichisaiharafanart shuichisaihara shuichisaiharabirthday danganronpav3 danganronpav3killingharmony killingharmony draw dessin draws danganronpafanart fanart 5g phones danganronpafanartz

as much as i love danganronpa for some reason i've never posted about it 😔. this is just a little sumn before i start uploading my bigger projects i've been working on. one of them involves melanie martinez's new album and film and the other involves she-ra a netflix show so stay tuned for those. • • • tags: danganronpa danganisland nagitokomaeda komeada nagito junkoenoshima danganronpa2 v3 triggerhappyhavoc art artist artistsoninstagram artoftheday artwork draw doodle illustration copicmarkers cute cartoon traditionalart colors explore explorepage fanart danganronpafanart 5g phones danganronpafanartz

kokichi wants his fanta back😔✊ kokichi danganronpa kokichiouma fanart meme danganronpafanart kokichifanart fanta uva grape 5g phones danganronpafanartz

i'm having major art block so i did some quick doodles. i wanted to do one of ouma, schuichi and rantaro too but that was a real mess. . . . . . .danganronpa2 danganronpagoodbyedespair hajimehinata nagitokomaeda komahina usamidanganronpa monomi danganronpafanart danganronpacomic 5g phones danganronpafanartz

happy birthday shuichi baby 🎉💕💋 - he's literally my favorite character and not to be hetero or anything but he's baby 😳 - - uwu - -shuichisaihara shuichi danganronpa danganronpav3 drv3 sdr2 monokuma junkoenoshima danganronpamemes memes fanart danganronpav3fanart danganronpafanart saiouma oumasai kokichiouma comic happybirthday anime dtiys artistsupportingartist manga animeboy medibangpaint animeart mangaart drawthisinyourstyle illustration sketch 5g phones danganronpafanartz

w.i.p. for (2/2) commissions for my friend! all commission information is in my highlights! 🕸 items used: - paint tool sai - dell laptop - huion tablet 🕸rozuartz wip workinprogress danganronpa drv3 shuichisaihara kokichiouma makiharukawa kaitomomota kiibo k1b0 danganronpafanart drawing illustration digitalart art 5g phones danganronpafanartz

honestly though, she’s babeydanganronpa drudg kotokoutsugi danganronpafanart 5g phones danganronpafanartz

hey- i'm back,, uh- yesterday was suichi saihara's birthday and i forgot to make him a drawing so- i did it today, how's that? b) i used softer colors for his palette, becauuuseee idk- i like him looking softie :::dd?? - - - - - - - - - - - tags u should ignore:drawing digitaldrawing art digitalart danganronpa danganronpav3 shuichisaihara shuichi danganronpa fanart danganronpafanart saiharashuichi drv3 5g phones danganronpafanartz

sto cercando di adattarmi al modulo a tre di instagram, per questo oggi ho postato molto e con buone probabilità lo farò anche nel prossimo periodo. spero non scocci. detto questo... kokichi.danganronpa danganronpa3 danganronpav3 danganronpakillingharmony danganronpav3killingharmony danganronpafanart danganronpaart kokichiouma kokichioumafanart danganropakokichi illustration illustrator anime manga digitalart artist art videogame 5g phones danganronpafanartz

“hope is harmony. a just heart, moving toward the light. that is all. despair is hope's polar opposite. it is messy and confusing. despair swallows up love, hatred, and everything else. because not knowing where you will end up is despair. despair is what even you cannot predict. only despair's unpredictability will save you from a boring future.“ ~junko enoshima - - - - character: junko enoshima fandom: danganronpa art belongs to me 💜 - - - - - tags~junko junkoenoshima enoshimajunko enoshima junkodanganronpa junkoenoshimadanganronpa junkoart junkofanart junkoenoshimafanart danganronpaart danganronpafanart danganronpaartist danganronpa3 danganronpa1 danganronpa2 danganronpadespairgirls artist artistsoninstagram art copicmarkers copicart 5g phones danganronpafanartz

“𝕐 𝕠 , 𝕥 𝕙 𝕖 𝕟 𝕒 𝕞 𝕖 𝕤 𝕃 𝕖 𝕠 𝕟 𝕂 𝕦 𝕨 𝕒 𝕥 𝕒" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 🧡leon kuwata⚾️ i honestly don’t really have an opinion on leon so here and it’s funny how i have one friend who hates leon and then another friend who loves leon- and this is like the first time i ever drew leon so sksksksk it looks really bad- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 𝕋 𝕒 𝕘 𝕤 :danganronpa dr drv1 v1 triggerhappyhavoc trigger happy havoc leonkuawata leon kuawata spoiler danganronpafanart drfanart drv1fanart v1fanart triggerhappyhavocfanart thhfanart leonkuwatafanart leonfanart digitalart ibispaintx 5g phones danganronpafanartz

hey, here's some old art of komaeda because he's valid 😌🤙💞 i should've posted this when i drew it, and if i did why did i delete this?? lol (hinata's name is on his shoulder) - - - -komaedanagito komahina nagitokomaeda firealpaca oldartwork firealpacaart danganronpa danganronpa2 danganronpafanart danganronpa2fanart 5g phones danganronpafanartz

heyooo oingo boingo inspired 😳 5g phones danganronpafanartz

finally done with kokichi ouma! the first pic looks so much brighter than the computer because i printed it out and the lighting is much different. this is also my first time drawing digitally and i'm really with the outcome! *please do not copy my idea or art style without tagging me* ~tags~kokichiouma oumakokichi drawing drawingstyle danganronpa danganronpa3 danganronpakokichi kokichioumafanart danganronpafanart babeyilovethis itsalie imjustputtingrandomhashtags nishishi reallygoodfanart misadraws artist artistsoninstagram danganronpagame danganronpaart 5g phones danganronpafanartz

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im trying to use brighter colors so take this chiakinanami nanamichiaki sdr2 danganronpa2 nanami superdanganronpa2 danganronpa dr danganronpafanart danganronpachiaki 5g phones danganronpafanartz

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hey gamers it’s been a fat while oops, but uhh yeah ya boi wasn’t feeling all that great(mentally)) yesterday so like i drew my otp to make myself feel better, also the background color was supposed to be a light yellow but uh yeah 🥑🧢🥑🧢🥑🧢🥑🧢🥑 💙 💚 💙 💚 tags:danganronpadanganronpafanartnewdanganronpav3ndrv3ndrv3fanartamasaisaimamidrdrfanartrantaroamamishuichisaiharashuichixrantaromyartshuichisaiharafanartrantaroamamifanartsoft? 5g phones danganronpafanartz

i was supposed to post this yesterday but i forgot anyways it was shuichi's birthday yesterday and,, i wanted to draw him hnnn 5g phones danganronpafanartz

🎉yeah, i know that shuichi's birthday was yesterday...but i post it today.🎉 💙game: new danganronpa v3. killing harmony💛 💛character: shuichi saihara💙 . . .shuichisaiharashuichi saiharashuichi saihara danganronpa danganronpav3 danganronpafanart killingharmony fanart game vikiart2019 vikiart vikiart_ art #данганронпафанарт #аниме #школаотчаяния #данганронпа #шуичи #сайхара #шуичисайхара #шуичисаихара #рисунок #рисунокмаркерами #маркеры #данганронпаv3 #фанарт 5g phones danganronpafanartz

not to b nsfw on main but she makes me l*sbian 5g phones danganronpafanartz