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take a look at my paintings new and old. supportsmallbusiness entrepreneur godfirst letgoandletgod #🙏🏿 painting acrylicpainting 5g phones acrylicpaintingz

take a look at my paintings new and old. supportsmallbusiness entrepreneur godfirst letgoandletgod #🙏🏿 painting acrylicpainting 5g phones acrylicpaintingz

the progress of the couple commission. it is an engagement gift for the couple from a friend. what a thoughtful gift ☺️🥰. i started off with pencils sketching the outline carefully then painted the couple with the midtone colours and in the final stage, i added the details and the light and dark colours. sj x . . . .couplepainting couple love loveisintheair engaged engagementpaintings giftsforher giftideas giftsforhim painterofinstagram painter artist artsy artlife artartart couplegoals artistoninstagram artistofinstagram instaartist instaart sarahjanebrewster_artist northeastart northeast newcastleupontyneartist newcastleupontyne acrylicpainting acrylic portrait commissionsopen commissionartist 5g phones acrylicpaintingz

subscribe our youtube. Подписывайтесь на наш youtube канал, ссылка в профиле. Спасибо!)art acrylic abstract painting abstractpainting acrylicpainting decor abstractart abstractflowers flowers fantasy presents buypaintings creativepresents creative inspiration decorative decoration officedecoration kyiv ukraine worldwide creativeideas followme beauty #киев #одесса #харьков #львов #днепр 5g phones acrylicpaintingz

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new painting series... alice in wonderland . aliceinwonderland painting acrylicpainting fantasyportrait 5g phones acrylicpaintingz

work in progress: revisiting my cloud sheep. acrylicpainting 5g phones acrylicpaintingz

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take a look at my paintings new and old. supportsmallbusiness entrepreneur godfirst letgoandletgod #🙏🏿 painting acrylicpainting 5g phones acrylicpaintingz

as a foreigner living in singapore, i have always felt somewhat detached from a greater whole for a very long time, as if i was constantly wandering on the fringes of unfamiliar territory. all that changed after last week’s unbridled and irreverent dialogue with poet jennifer ann champion, singer inch chua and writer karman tse. the crowd was fully engaged, and mobile screens quickly went dark. we chatted about: 1. starting old, 2. our thoughts on cultural identity both from the perspectives of a singaporean and a filipino in singapore, 3. the discomfort in imperfections, 4. fraudy feelings and worthiness, and 5. that at the heart of an artist who creates wholeheartedly, and without apology, is someone who has learned the very fine art of not giving a shit. yes, that’s how exactly how we said it. and for the first time in 9 years, i finally felt that i belonged. ..mentalhealth womenwhodraw womenempowerment selfcare creativecommunity makersgonnamake createeveryday selflove carveouttimeforart wellness.. thank you for the heartwarming 📸, @byndartisan! 5g phones acrylicpaintingz

slowly, but surely he's coming along. i'll clean him up later..time to make that background pop💯 artlife . . . .spiderman marvel kingshit art arts artworkonsale acrylic acrylicart acrylicpainting artistic artsy artislife create creative dopeart artjourney blackart originalart artgallery inspiration artlover amazingart curves ncartist painting blackart blackartmatters 5g phones acrylicpaintingz

many months later and he's finished . . . .occultart macabreart samhain baphomet void acrylicpainting art 5g phones acrylicpaintingz

"poison ivy" (11x14") . . .yyc yycart yycartist acrylic acrylicpainting paintings traditionalart art artistlife dc dccomics dcvillians 5g phones acrylicpaintingz

made some time to paint this...the marathon continues rip nip gone not forgetten ripnipseyhusslemarathoncontinuespaintingacrylicpaintingartdrawinginstagoodinstagraminstalikeinstacoolvisualartartistsoninstagramfollow @left_vision 5g phones acrylicpaintingz

"through the trees" acrylic on canvas . . . . .outdoors hikingunplugged hikingadventures adventures freshair nature nature_perfection recharge newwork artistsoninstagram fineart acrylicpainting abstractart. 5g phones acrylicpaintingz

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taddah! when you dont push things everything will just come out naturally. time is soo important! so i just finished this piece today after almost a year of starting and leaving it unfinished. i even thought of throwing this since i cant seem to pull everything in my mind all together. yuhoo! happy that i get to finally finish this today and call it my own! 2 more to go!!! acrylicpainting tribalprints guitarpainting 5g phones acrylicpaintingz

hope you are having a relaxing weekend! enjoyed painting this cutie pie! what have you been up to this weekend??? acrylicpainting petpainting ilovedogs dachshund animalloversofinstagram dogart artist 5g phones acrylicpaintingz

el ojo que te mira. técnica mixta. acrílico con gouche. tinta molotov. sharpie. texturización con tela. es una obra grande para lo que yo acostumbro hacer. este es la@versión original 1 empezada en 2016 y terminada en 2018. 1.40x1.20 . . . . . .arte artesplasticas wine igers haypower artside picoftheday colorful igersmexico instalike instafollow brandlove followforfollow followmenow followbacknow karimemartin karime martín picoftheday eyeart 💎 artesvisuales eyelovers artemexicano ojos artlovers acrylicpainting coloredpencils coloredpencil_art karimemartinarte ojo camilosesto artesplasticas 5g phones acrylicpaintingz

acrylic paint curling up my sketch pad... what was i thinking... something about drawing angry people is fuckinf satisfying thpugh, haha . .sketching sketchbooktour sketchbookdrawing sketchbook drawing artoftheday art artlovers artsy artist artistsoninstagram artwork artofinstagram artstagram painting paintings portraitpainting face angry acrylicpainting drawing painting portrait illustration creativejournaling creativity drawingoftheday 5g phones acrylicpaintingz

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acrylic painting i did a couple days ago 🐸 -sketch drawing art myart acrylicpainting painting 5g phones acrylicpaintingz

ever since the beautiful weather yesterday (cloudy!!) i've been wanting to paint. also bc stress . so i found this youtuber who makes these quick 10 min acrylic tutorials and they're really great if you're short on time acrylicpainting painting art mountains acrylic 5g phones acrylicpaintingz

prisoner of azkaban! 45 minute quick paint! expecting patronum, acrylic 18” by 12”harrypotter harrypotterart art painting fanart expectopatronum acrylicpainting drawing prisonerofazkaban siriusblack dementors 5g phones acrylicpaintingz

Вариант выкладывания краски сразу на подложку◕ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ Всем чудесного настроения на неделю. ヅ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ 🅜🅨 🅒🅡🅔🅐🅣🅘🅥🅘🅣🅨⠀⠀ Другие видео смотри по хэштегу ⇨ mbezrukova_art ⠀⠀ —————————————————-⠀ ⠀ ✎⁙Смотрите и вдохновляйтесь⁙✐ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀______________________________________⠀ #флюидарт #жидкийакрил #мастерклассживопись acrylicart fluidart fluidacrylic fluidartwork acrylicblog artwork acrylicpainting acrylicpour abstraction abstractart #абстракция #акриловаяживопись #живопись magicart #жидкий_акрил fluid_art #арттерапия #вдохновениедня #саморазвитиекаждыйдень #стремиськлучшему #длядуши watercolor artlife #интерьерныекартины #екбсити ⠀⠀ ⠀ 5g phones acrylicpaintingz

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another prismatic vista border extension. im a little bit obsessed with this card 😂 . aaaand... check out @loui.altered.mtg . . .mtg magicthegathering magicthegatheringcards magicthegatheringalter magicthegatheringdeutsch alteredcards art acrylicpainting berlin mtgcards modernhorizon borderextensions 5g phones acrylicpaintingz

ganesha 8 acrylic and poster colors on paper colors used - fevicryl acrylic colors by @hobbyideasindia poster colors by @fabercastell_india brushes - camlin kokuyo by @camlin_officialganeshapainting 10daysofacrylicganeshabyvru abstractart abstractganesha ganeshachaturthi paintingonmymind painting acrylicpainting postercolor acrylicseriesbyvru creativesoul creativesoulvru hobby hobbyideasindia camlinofficial camlinkokuyo kokuyocamlin fevicrylhobbyideas fevicrylacrylic hobbyideasindia z_1284 5g phones acrylicpaintingz

late night finish, 30x30 acrylic on canvas. i have had these images in my head for years but never put them to canvas. im glad i was given this opportunity to show my work. it's one thing to see it online but they really look better in person. like always if you like it share it!! i alson like to hear your feedback on the piece. artistslife medinafineart historicunionave puebloartwalk acrylicpainting acrylicpaint artoftheday art art_spotlight artistslife pueblo artistslife photooftheday paintings puttininthework 5g phones acrylicpaintingz

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i spent a few hours today adding butterflies🦋 and working on more details. 🌷🌻🌺 . . .acrylicpainting painting artist art workinprogress flowers canadianartist acrylicpaint floralart 5g phones acrylicpaintingz

that you think it's old, don't throw it away, you can wear it again, you can make it from scratch again in different ways, put your imagination to work. you can paint it with acrylic paints, you can sew different ecological materials on it, think.recycling painting passion love lovepainandstitches acrylicpainting vivianvalsami artsbyvivianarttrash mrvivian mood athens greece # 5g phones acrylicpaintingz

to be a good painter, it takes four things: soft heart, fine eye, easy hand and always freshly washed paint brushes 👩‍🎨🎨paintermalermalereipaintingpaintingartacrylicpaintingacrylmalerei abstractartabstractpainting abstractabstractartwork passionartcanvaspaintingartworkfotofotografierenphoto photographyphotographerartworkartistswissartistpaintingherzheartsofthearteyehandeasyhandpaintbrushessandra_pfaendler_kunst_plus_ch 5g phones acrylicpaintingz

i had so much fun a couple of days ago that i basically forced my sister @jessicamaykilburn and her boo to come over and paint with byron and i at my house again! this may never get boring! @theartsherpa thank you for your inspiration. love, a very fresh new acrylic painting beginner. 5g phones acrylicpaintingz

staring into space featuring the works of wipo, wesley valenzuela, and buboy cañafranca is still on exhibition at the gallery. we're open weekdays 10 am to 6 pm and saturdays by appointment. spaceencountersgallery 5g phones acrylicpaintingz

we had our very first retail stall in the bigindian food festival in whitefield. what a memorable day it was.!! full of people liking and loving our works. and of course it was a saadhi presentation. will keep you guys informed for such future stalls. and thank you everyone who inspired us and helped us to pave the you all. . . .saadhiarts 1stexhibition thebigindianfoodandshoppingfestival2k19canvaspainting artwork artistsoninstagram paintings bottlearts artsandcrafts homedecor acrylicpainting modernart pattachitrapainting abstractpaintings fluidpaintings 5g phones acrylicpaintingz

20*20 ,acrylic on canvas. under the sea 🧜🦈🐬🐠🐟. happy with the result. 5g phones acrylicpaintingz

courage is not having the strength to go on. it is going on when you don’t have the strength- theodore roosevelt. keep going guys! make that your moto. nothing comes easy. remember to enjoy your journey whilst you aim for your destination :) majorgyaan ;) painting art artist instaart instaartist creative life love instagood follow4follow followme picoftheday create artoftheday artistsoninstagram arthbykshama knifepainting colourful acrylicpainting brushes photooftheday photography artwork workshop mumbai charcoal watercolor oilpainting pastel 5g phones acrylicpaintingz

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